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I am a retired special education teacher. I started collecting after buying a toy magazine at a rummage sale. There was an article about PEZ and how people have started to trade them. Yes, back before the internet was a household name. I didn’t have a lot of money but managed to buy a few here and there. (They were expensive then to find dispensers that were not common, but not like today!) I went to antique stores hoping to find some when I had extra money. Bought some commons (back then mostly just holiday ones). I remember reading the classified ads at the back of the toy magazine wishing I could buy some! Now I go in streaks, I try to stay current buying what I can find. Running out of room! Now with all the PEZ groups on FB I feel like that is all I look at! I still can’t afford the old ones but now I know they really do exist! I have about 1,400 displayed about 300 that I don’t have a great way to display and about 700 extras. Maybe one day I will sell them too.

Just a couple of pictures, we just got new windows and all my shelves are down but these two!



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