VPC April 11, 2020.

Thank You to our Participants

  • Rory Harms

  • Brian Jaskolski

  • Todd Dickson

  • Chris & Mary Wiley

  • Misty Hunt

  • Brian Trauman

  • Andrew White

  • Tim & Jeanine Elwell

  • Becky Mathers

  • John Devlin

  • Doug Reimold

  • Phyllis Oreck

  • Greg Potent

  • Tom Zellmer

Thank You to our DONORS

Weronica Blixt, Scott Carmack, Kaitlin Condron, Emily Davis, Kathleen Eovino, Sandy Gardner-Ghionzoli, Cheryl Gardner-Ghionzoli, Andrew Gott, Branden Gozell, Justin Hansen, Rory Harms, Brandon Haydu, Misty Hunt, Brian Jaskolski, Chris Jordan, Scott Karsner, Lindsey Kirschner, Aaron Lamay, Dru Lepper, Darwin Loucks, Becky Mathers, Michelle Mizer-Hernandez, Phyllis Oreck, Jessica Orozco, Rhonda Rasmusson, Trish Rayner, Penny Ressler, Stacie Ronsenet Leng, Robin Schmidt, Chris Wiley, Mary Wiley, Tom Zellmer

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