March 2020 - a month none of us are likely to forget. With COVID-19 traveling around the world, we were suddenly being asked to stay at home, cease unnecessary travel, stop gatherings with our friends and start "social distancing."  With one convention already canceled because of the situation, PEZ Collectors were left wondering when we'd all be able to see each other again.

Out of a difficult situation, the VPC was born! We decided that social distance didn't have to mean social isolation, and in 11 short days we pulled together the first PEZ Convention to take place solely online. Our event was on April 11, 2020 and included three seminars, two featured tours, nine mini tours, and a huge virtual Bingo night complete.  We had nearly 40 people who donated prizes and 270 attendees! The numbers exceeded our wildest expectations. 

What started as a one-time event to help everyone break up the boredom of quarantine is growing into something bigger! After hearing everyone's feedback from the event we realized that ongoing events, both small and large, can help us all learn more, see collections we'd otherwise have no opportunity to see, and connect with each other during those long stretches between in-person gatherings.

What they're saying about us:

"The event was surreal! So amazing to see the PEZ family"

"For an entire month we’ve been living in a scary reality with everything going on. For the first time today, I literally for a moment didn’t think about it whatsoever. I was with friends and had a million laughs. From noon to 11pm, I was with my second family."

"What a blast that was!"

"This was seriously freaking amazing!"

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