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VPC October 9, 2021.

Charity Auction

At the event we auctioned off 37 items to benefit our charity, the VPC Scholarship Fund. Thanks to our generous donors and bidders we raised $3,705. Here are the Etsy shops, websites, and Instagram pages of some of our donors:

thank you to our participants

Dan M.

Karen Pachowicz

Cameron Smith

Juliana Taylor

Nancy Wilkins

thank you to our donors

Cam Art, Jim Blaine, Weronica Blixt, Peggy Brookes, Bailey Brown, Karen Canterbury, Jeff Cason, Suzanne Chanesman, Katie Chrzanowski, June Coleman, Tonja Cox, Emily Davis, Sue Davis, Chelsea Elliott, Tim and Jeanine Elwell, Peter Eovino, Sandy and Cheryl Gardner-Ghionzoli, Mark Graika, Sandi Hanna, Brandon Haydu, Sue and Steve Heraly, Tony Jordan, Austin Judson, Lindsey Kirschner,  Dru Lepper, Jackie Lindner, Kimber Maietta, Larry Mason, Becky Mathers, Adam Meyer, Aaron Middlebrook, Karen Pachowicz, PEZ on the River, Rhonda Rasmusson, Penny Ressler,  Cameron Smith, Josh Terry, Lauren Terry, Patty Thomas, Bob and Faye Tipton, Justin VanderSluis, Chris and Mary Wiley, Andrew Wilkinson, Celia Young, Tom Zellmer

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