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VPC Community involvement scholarship

In 2021, our second year of hosting the VPC, we decided we wanted to have a closer relationship with the charity we support. Both of us are passionate about education and have scholarships to thank for the opportunities we had in college.  We decided that establishing a fund to support our newly created VPC Community Involvement Scholarship would be the perfect way to help students succeed in college. 

Each year we will provide awards from $500 - $2,000 to as many students as our fundraising will allow. All VPC events are free to attend, but any proceeds from dispenser sales, merchandise sales, contests, and special events will go toward funding these scholarships. 

The scholarship applicants will be asked to demonstrate involvement in and service to their communities - broadly defined as geographic communities, school communities, or sports/activities/hobbies. Added weight will be given to those students who have made positive and innovative contributions to improve the "communities" in which they are involved. 

Winners will be selected by an anonymous five person committee made up of three PEZ collectors and two individuals who are not part of the PEZ Community.


You can donate directly at the link below and every dollar from your donation will go directly to the scholarship fund.  Scholarships currently being funded will be awarded in the spring of 2024.  

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