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VPC July 25, 2020.

Charity Auction

At the event we auctioned off 19 items to benefit our charity, the PLUS 1 COVID Relief Fund. Thanks to our generous donors and bidders we raised $2,500 for our charity. Here are the Etsy shops and Facebook pages of some of our donors:

PEZHead of the Year

The Virtual PEZ Convention was proud to be the home of the 2020 PEZ Head of the Year announcement. Because most in person conventions were canceled this year due to COVID-19, the past PHOTYs chose to do their announcement at this event. 

The PEZHead of the Year was created in 1998 to showcase someone's ability to influence, help, and promote the hobby throughout the year. When considering candidates, the previous PHOTYs look for a person that has a passion for the hobby and the contributions over the past year such as educating others, promoting or spotlighting our hobby, adding something new that draws people's attention to PEZ, or finding a new way to introduce new people to the hobby.


 2020 Recipient

Congratulations to Brian Trauman, the 2020 PEZHead of the Year. Brian has had a passion for the hobby and it shows in everything he does. He has turned this passion into a useful tool to teach all collectors, both old and new, about PEZ, their details and variations, what to look for, and how NOT to get ripped off among other things. Brian educates and entertains the PEZ Community on a weekly basis through his published videos and his Facebook group. His excitement for the hobby is contagious and the knowledge he passes along is valuable to us all. 

You can join Brian's Facebook Group: PEZ Through the Ages

You can also follow along on Youtube: PEZ Through the Ages 

Thank You to our Participants

Randy Marshall

Tommy Nickerson & Ian Wooley

Ryan Omori

David Cavalieri

Alec Miller

Past PEZ Heads of the Year

(in attendance) Cliff Lee '98, John Devlin '04, Robin Fierce '07, Joe Paravati '12, Maheba Mehri '14, Aaron Lamay '15, Chris Jordan '16, Jessica Orozco '17, Brian Jaskolski '18, Sandy & Cheryl Gardner-Ghionzoli '19

(others) Byron Boyd '99, Rob Yarak '00, Eric Thorell '01, Tanya Wilson '02, Maryann Kennedy '03, Pam Lenox '05, John LaSpina '06, Tina Gunsauls '08, Richie Belyski '09, Shawn Peterson '10, Paul Telford '11, Tom and Ruth Ream '13

PHOTY 2020: Brian Trauman

Thank You to our


Luann Atherton, Jerry Battenfield, Weronica Blixt, Barry Botinloaf, Karen Canterbury, Katie Chrzanowski, Kathleen Eovino, Brian Jaskolski, Lindsey Kirschner, John LaSpina, Aaron Middlebrook, Patrick Neel, Karen Pachowicz, Penny Ressler, Ilona Stevens, Josh Terry, Bob & Faye Tipton, 

Thank You to our

Auction DONORS

Angelo Canale, Katie Chrzanowski, Emily Davis, Kelley Drageland, Ken Foster, Misty Hunt, Austin Judson, Cliff Lee, Kelly Jo Mitchell, Dale Pike, Penny Ressler, Laura Teasley, G Lee Wall, 

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