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Michael Chronister


Tyrone Area HS, PA
Attending PA Fire Academy
Volunteer EMT

I am planning on becoming an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and with this, I will bridge to a Paramedic, or something else in the medical field if needed. Communities are becoming more and more in need of these jobs, and fewer people are doing them. I believe that training to become an EMT and Paramedic will help the community tenfold.

It is inevitable that every person needs help once in a while, but when they call for help, 

will someone be there? I know that I am just one person but I know how one person can

change someone’s life.

At this time I am a volunteer fireman and the extra pair of hands is always helpful on a scene. I have found that even if my pair of hands is just doing something small it helps. When I become an EMT I plan to become a career fireman that will help the community everyday. The advantage of having crossed trained firefighters is that if we are on scene before the ambulances we can start the examination and prepare the patient to move when the ambulance gets there. This reduces the time the patient is at the scene and increases the chance of them surviving.


In a small town like Tyrone, the importance of firefighters being cross-trained and able to save lives is paramount. A majority of the time, firefighters in this area are the first ones on scene and they need to know how to help the patient. Being cross-trained will allow me to turn a potentially tragic incident around. A death in a small community like Tyrone is devastating. This is a town where everyone knows everyone, and if an accident victim doesn't make it, the entire community feels the pain of the loss.


The beauty of life is the most important thing on earth; more important than the most expensive jewelry in the world. If we have an incident where a material possession is lost, we know that can all be replaced. But when there is an incident where life is lost that is irreversible. In my field seconds matter, and when there is a life at risk it is even more important.


The training I am undergoing now and my future training will help everyone in the little community of Tyrone. In the grand scheme of life, I get little time on this planet, but I am going to spend it attempting to help people. The best feeling in this world paying it forward. I know that some of the people I help may never see me again but to me that does not matter. What matters is that I will be able to preserve the most precious thing on earth.  I may be able to give a mother a more years with her children, or an elderly man a little more time to see his wife or grandchildren.


Supporting your neighbor is the best thing anyone can do. When you support or help your neighbor, you connect your community. When you connect with your community you benefit more than just yourself. I will feel like I answer my calling when I complete this. I know that I will be helping my community for the rest of my life when I get these qualifications. 

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