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Sabryna Schaffer


Grand Canyon University, AZ
Community & school
volunteer & leader

In 2009 I moved from the large city of Thornton, Colorado, and decided to adventure to the small town of Chugwater, Wyoming. With a population of 198, my school K-12 was only 28 kids. When I graduated in 2020 from high school, my class was only four students. Chugwater was known for being a retirement community and a farming community. Shortly after I moved to Chugwater, I became acquainted with the community's individuals and the surrounding communities as well.

In 2009, I joined our local 4-H club and became very involved in the community. We

would spend our time around the area helping neighbors, raking up leaves, shoveling in the wintertime, or baking cookies for the local residents. During my time in 4-H, I took on various positions as an officer, including vice president, secretary, treasurer, historian, and reporter. I also had the opportunity to compete at our county and state levels of the 4-H fair. I had various options to meet with different individuals from all around the state and make new friends along the way. While competing in fair, I would enter multiple categories, including food preservation, fabric and fashion, woodworking, welding, quilting, and so much more. I had the pleasure of learning all these skills from my grandmother. There were two years when my jam had the opportunity to compete at the national level.


Once I moved up to sixth grade in junior high, I had the fantastic opportunity to join FFA. Just like 4-H, I got to be a part of the office as president, vice president, secretary, reporter, treasurer, historian, and sentinel. I had the opportunity to work with individuals worldwide and expand on my experiences. While in FFA, I was actively involved in conducting raffles, banquets, and fundraisers. During my time in FFA, I would put in over 120 hours a month into community service. I was also an active member of FBLA and the Student Council. I was the president of both organizations and had the opportunity to set up various events that involved the community. I enjoyed organizing these events and seeing the community and school come together. One of my most exciting events was a roaring twenties dance. As the president of the student council, I had the opportunity to work alongside the other student council members and organize a fundraiser for cancer patients. As a requirement to get into the dance, individuals were required to bring a new stuffed animal or toy for patients in the hospital fighting cancer during COVID-19.


In 2013, my grandmother became the mayor of Chugwater. As a result of all my community service, I was asked by her staff to come and help at the town hall. I had the opportunity to organize the back office with old files and create a system that was easily understood and efficient to use. I also had the chance to help manage and set up various craft shows around the community and surrounding communities. This was an opportunity for the communities to showcase their crafts and bring the people together. As an outcome of the craft fairs, a local business known as Chugwater State Stop was opened, showcasing everybody's crafts. The business did so well that a thrift store opened in the same building and a small grocery store. During the summer, I volunteered my hours to help run the store, keep track of inventory, and maintain the place. 


To show our support for the first responders and military, the town of Chugwater would always have a local picnic where everyone could attend. I would help purchase the food, send out invitations, create flyers, cook, set up, serve, and tear down from the event. Around every holiday, I would also help set up American flags around the town. If I was not helping with an event, you could find me supporting the elderly individuals all around the community. I would help maintain their yards by mowing in the summertime, planting flowers, watering the flowers, trimming trees, or even grocery shopping for them. If there were no yard work to be done, I would help these individuals clean the inside of their houses by sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, or just spending time with them. I always enjoyed spending personal time with these individuals and loved hearing about their past and seeing their smiles. There were a few houses around the community that I helped maintain by volunteering to redo their roofing, refurbishing the sides of their home, helping them paint, and cleaning up the yards. In the summertime, I would offer to mow people's lawns and maintain their yards while on vacation. I actively took care of five different yards while these people were gone. I would help clean their stovepipes from their pellet stoves and shovel their driveway in the wintertime. Unfortunately, several of these people passed away over the years, and I helped their families box up their belongings and helped clean out their houses. During COVID-19, I would also help the neighbors and community members who were afraid to leave their homes.


Overall, community service is a way to gain satisfaction from my life. I can do this by dedicating my time to a cause that I am passionate about. My community service opportunities have offered me a way to utilize my talents and aid those in need. These services have positively impacted my character and have affected my life, which allows me to be proud of my accomplishments. I have been able to strengthen the talents that I already have and have been fortunate to develop a new set of skills along the way. This experience has taught me to cherish the friendships that I have made and the various impacts that I have made on others live. Community service has challenged me to be more empathetic and encourages me to be a better person. I look forward to the next positive impact that I can make on someone's life. As I move on with the next steps of my life, I can take the skills that I have learned from community service and apply them to a career in law enforcement. With my newly developed skills, I can be a part of something important to me and something that I am passionate about; I get to continue to help my community and make a difference in people's lives. I will continue to help my community and others as I continue my journey.

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